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Better Than a Blueprint

You may already have a vision for the way you’d like your dream space to look, but want to be able to really see it before you commit to changing your home. That’s where my space planning process comes in. We can start immediately discussing your vision. After you’ve given me the details on what you’re thinking about, I’ll draw up a design for you. When you contract with me to design your space, the designs are yours to keep-and it’s not your typical design.

Longshore Kitchen & Pantry
Newkirk Master Bath
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A Clearer Vision

Traditional home remodeling designs are often in the form of blueprints, which can be hard to understand. Not everyone–designers included–can look at a design and automatically picture what the finished product will look like. Blueprints focus on function specifications, not aesthetics. So, I decided to update my process to use something better than blueprints.

Instead of a blueprint, I’ll create a 3D rendering of your vision, allowing you to get a much better idea of what the final outcome will look like–before you commit to purchasing any materials. Every detail will be included, from the colors you choose for your cabinets to the natural lighting of your room’s windows.

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